Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art Walk in Chinatown! July 11th 6p - 10p

There is a renaissance that's currently taking place in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Unknown to many LA natives are the 33 + art galleries that currently exist throughout Chinatown along with seven boutiques in Central Plaza featuring medium to high end men & women's apparel, accessories, art, books, cards, and trendy housewares. We hope to raise awareness of what Chinatown has to offer apart from the long standing souvenir shops and eateries.

Central Plaza - Photo by Flock Shop

Often used as a backdrop for feature films, commercials & fashion shoots, Chinatown also has a strong nightlife culture and new quarterly art walk on Chung King Road (across from Central plaza/Hill St).

There will be an art walk taking place on Chung King Road the same evening as The Funk Rumble Block Party and we strongly encourage event goers to check it out!
Chung King Road - Photo Credit: Susan Seubert